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Sethsuwa Herbal Massage Oil

Sethsuwa Herbal Massage Oil

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(SKU: LS4000F7A7) Ayurvedic skin care for Daily use soothes & nourishing dry skin. Made with Cold - pressed sesame oil, Triphala oil is the ideal Ayurvedic body and massage oil for moisturizing your skin. Triphala, an ancient herbal blend of three fruits rich in antioxidants is prized for its ability to both cleans and nourish. Combining the benefits of sesame oil with the power of Triphala this uniqueformulation is an unparalleled body and massage oil.

The beneficial qualities of Triphala oil make it especially useful for massage therapists, Ayurvedic body workers,practitioners of hatha yaga, athletes and those who want to take great care of their skin.

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